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Relive the glory of 80's music, classic TV shows, and outrageous mullets at our store in Bayonne, New Jersey. 80's Strike Back is bringing back all of the best, weirdest, and wildest paraphernalia from the most entertaining decade, including T-shirts, toys, classic TV shows, movies, music, and everything else you thought you'd never see again. Contact our store today at (866) 936-4076 for totally fab prices on all of our stellar premium products.
80's Shirts, MulletsPopular 80's T-Shirts
Don't you agree that cool style and entertainment just seemed to stop once we moved into the 1990s? You can finally bring back the magic with our exact replicas of popular T-shirts from the 80s. These high-quality T-shirts feature all of the classic characters and logos that made for the ultimate 10-year party! Hey, parents, you can even let your kids in on the fun because we carry T-shirts in children's sizes!
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Dolls, Toys, & Collectibles
Remember when toys were actually fun to play with? 80's Strike Back has all of those classic contraptions that used to give you hours of enjoyment as a kid. Finally, you can finish your G.I. Joe™, Barbie™, Cabbage Patch  Kids™, or Care Bear™ collection without having to bust your bank account at collector's shows. You can even find an assortment of jukebox and video games that can be played on almost any PC. Don't forget to pick up your Rubik's Cube™ or Knight Rider™ car on the way out!
Consultation for the Perfect 80's PartySave with Our Special Offer
Did you miss your prom or just want to bring back the days of big hair, neon clothes, and excellent music? 80's Strike Back can turn your next party into the 80's event to remember. We'll customize and design the party using only the best decor, music, gift, and costume ideas from the 1980s! It'll feel like your glory days are here again.

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